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Considering the recent LJ release where users were able to see other users' locked posts, some of them also apparently accidentally sending PMs as the other user, and then LJ just sweeping the issue under the rug in their latest news post, I'm not going to be using LJ anymore for posting or commenting. I don't post a lot under friendslock, but the stuff that I do I don't want any random person seeing. =/

So, yeah, I'll be at [personal profile] darkicedragon from now on. I might delete darkicedragon later, depending on when DW can import my comments, and - well, I haven't been able to import my comments from esp_dragon for over two months now, because of something else LJ'd done so I have no idea what to do with that. =/
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Some more NaNo rambleCollapse )

I'm currently making my way through Brad and Ryan's playthrough of Deadly Premonition because I'm now just going through the Giant Bomb CMoF page and watching what's listed. I'm...really bad with horror though. XD;;; But the reason why I'm going through Brad and Ryan playing it, is so then I can catch the foreshadowing in Jeff and Vinny's playthrough of it. Because there are two teams playing this. Wauggghhhh, my time~!

I've already spoiled myself on the relationship between York and Zach and it's made me squee so much. :D :D Yesssssss.

...Argh, I'm getting seriously creeped out by the profiling scenes and I'm spoiled myself on how some of the other victims die. I...not sure if I'm going to be looking at the screen when those come up. XD;;;
Noblesse 207!

Noblesse 207Collapse )

Aaaaah, Prince Revolution's put up all the chapters now for this month. XD;; Don't think I have time to read them though~!

Weeeee, Friendship is Magic: Luna Eclipsed

♥_______♥ omg, Princess Luna, how adorable are you with your No Indoor Voice, antiquated speech and absolutely no understanding of how to interact with ponies? Not to mention being able to crack the ground with a stomp and bring down lightning at the flare of your wings. I do like how she looks here~ More badass. ♥~

Why yes, she is pretty much my favourite character. Next in line is Fluttershy. :3

Items under the cut: 2

NaNo ramble rambleCollapse )
Items under the cut: 5

NaNo RaaaaambleCollapse )

Soooo. Woke up at four again. Went back to sleep around about half-five because I had a sleepy headache. Woke up at seven. The nap didn't do anything. Had another nap around...five? Woke up at seven, felt better. X3;;

Now watch me not get to sleep until oooh, three. :P


Number of items under the cut, so you know when I've edited: +8

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Also, up at half-three. woo. =/

It is apparently 7C right now. This is cold enough. D:

*snerk* New ficlet. Aldran, please stop overtaking my brain - I'm supposed to be getting into Ras' brain. *sigh* At least I was able to write 500 words of plot today! ...It still hasn't gotten very far. *facepalm*

Set right before the start of the novel. Apart from the fact that Ras is supposed to have kicked zer out of the room but anyway. I guess I'm not really going to be introducing Ras and Aldran in the novel at this rate... XD;;

VigilCollapse )

If anyone wants to throw me any prompts to try and get Ras to talk to me, feel free! :3

*narrowed eyes*

Right. Procrastinated enough.

New goal: write 500-1000 words of plot per day.

Side quest goal: create names for other characters (right now, the people who are with Ras and Aldran are so eloquently called...exp+ pair. Yeah. *makes a face*)

Watch the ramble grow and grow. XD;;; Contains disturbing eating habits of geistsCollapse )

Number of items under the cut, so you know when I've edited: +3

*hysterical laughter*

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Rewatching Psychic Detective Yakumo since I hadn't finished it when it was airing. And - just - eeeeeee. Love Yakumo's character! ♥~~ And the slow character development. And I really wasn't paying attention the first time because I completely missed the fact that the doctor who knew Yakumo's mum was the person in the previous episodes. XD;; (I'm still amused by how easily the contact lense plops out)

Aaaaah, I wish I could have a character like him as the narrative character this NaNo. X3 But hey, I had Marland last year. :3

And then I got to episode 6. Swearing inside.Collapse )

Another Master and Slave thing snippet

Haha, influenced by lucathia_rykatu's style here, and I wanted to try to write a fairy tale-ish type narrative for this anyway. :3

*on the first sentence* ommmmmmg, why are you doing this to meeeeeee?? They don't look that different from humans?! So I could technically have three threads going on at once? *cry*

OriginCollapse )

I procrastinated and decided to see if I could write a summary. Yeah, before I really know what's going to happen. XD;; I thought last week that my summary was going to be two or three sentences long?

Yeah, of course it isn't. This is me we're talking aboutCollapse )

Woooow~ The new NaNo site looks all sleek and shiny! :D

Oh, *cry*

NaNo wailingCollapse )

Woke up at four this morning; I was crashing soooo badly about three. XD; Hopefully I'll be all right tonight.
Noblesse 205!

Noblesse 205Collapse )

Hey, will anyone mind if I decide to write Trail instead of the Master and Slave thing for NaNo? XD;;

Oct. 9th, 2011

Dammit, I'm seeing way too many parallels between Searching and the master and slave thing. XD;;; *is clearly a one-trick pony*

Or I'm just writing the stuff that I like and putting them into different settings. Hm... I seem to have bundled Marland, Shodin and Fion together and pulled them apart in different places to get new characters. XD;;;

"What is the biggest wrong that your antagonist must do?"
"List twelve reasons why someone in real life would not do that, or would be prevented by others from doing that."
1. Magic is involved.
2. ...

I have other reasons, but those would be spoilerific. XD;; I guess I should pretend this is set on Earth for this exercise.
Or maybe I shouldn't be looking at the physical reasons but at the reasons why they're doing it. XD;; Whoops. *reading comprehension fail*

Ran Ras and Aldran through personality testsCollapse )
Haha, so I'm working my way through making Shanras and Aldoran but…well. I may have them a certain way on paper, but they could act a different way from what I expect when I actually write them. *points to Marland* Also, Shanras is kinda going on different sides of the spectrum on me, so I asked lucathia_rykatu to throw prompts at me to see if I could settle her character on me. :3

Let's just say her prompts were awesome (though I couldn't write some of the ones I wanted, because that'd spoil. D:) and it definitely did help! Except a lot of the prompts wanted to be written from Aldran's pov. Nooooo, need to know Shanras' thoughts!

Uh, I was going to say that the way I pronounce Aldoran is Al-duh-ran or Ald-ran but I think I'll simplify it to Aldran. Which is a character from The Order of the Stick. Hmm. Think I'll still use it. :3 Also, Aldran kept the tail and ears, but mostly lost the tattoos. If it's a choice between tattoos and xeno-qualities, the xeno stuff always wings wins. Oh, *facepalm*

Shanras is now Ras, because she doesn't like her name. XD;

These ficlets are in as chronological order as I could manage. XD;; Some could be in canon, others are there because I just wanted to write them. X3

Now watch me try to find the mid-point between medieval speech and casual speech. :P

First EncounterCollapse )

HugCollapse )

BeliefCollapse )

Blending InCollapse )

RecognitionCollapse )

Stuff I learnedCollapse )

Stuff I need to look atCollapse )
Noblesse 204!

Noblesse 204Collapse )

On the NaNo front, I've worked my way through one book, which has helped, but Sahnras/Sanras/Shanras is still completely blank. And I'm still wanting to make her non-human. :P I just prefer writing from those perspectives! And I don't know what kind of character I want her to be.

I guess if she's resisting this much being human and 'normal' I should change her into what she wants to be. Just hope she doesn't turn into another Marland... Modified human?

I have something planned for Aldoran but we'll see if that sticks. :P Since it's tied in with possible!plot, and I'm not sure if I can write that specific thread. XD;

Edit: Hmmmm. Re-reading dogmatix_san's Sebastian and the Beast again, and I really do love the snarky interactions between Sebastian and Dirk. So I think I might give Sahnras that, and I'm not too worried about her being too much like Marland in that respect, because Marland didn't really start displaying his dry humour until he finally developed some emotional maturity.

Doctor Who: The Wedding of River Song

\o/ Haha, love Captain Williams! He's badass wherever he is! And you know there's a Big Damn Heroes moment just coming up once the bad guys start gloating.

Mild spoilers quoteCollapse )


So, I did the shopping for snacks and made my way to volunteering in good time. Woo for rain but I wouldn't be out for very long, right? It's only a five minute walk away from my house. And yeah, I'd totally used up my panic points by then, and I hadn't enough time to think anyway.

Except I couldn't get the door open. :P

I was stuck outside for about twenty minutes trying to lift the door and turn the key at the same time. Reeeeally wasn't working. I eventually got in when one of the board members came and lifted the door while I turned the key. The rest of it went okay, though now I have to make minutes of an hour and a half of them talking. D: It just seems to be a more directed version of summarising so yessssss. And there were only four people there! \o/ And since I already know two of their voices, and only three really talked, I'll be okay in allocating who said they'd do what.

I also got a free bag and umbrella. :D
Thanks to a reviewer I am not considering the merits of writing a Noblesse/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover. I'm not. ;______;

(Aaaaaah, Tao's got to have some sort of knowledge of it, what it being all over the internet. And then he drags everyone else into watching it. Or something.

I'm not contemplating their wtf faces if they actually dropped into Equestria. Frankenstein would be very interested though. 'Talking ponies! Magic! Pegasi! Lots and lots of things I can study! :D' I don't think he'd leave Twilight's library for a while.)

I'm still dying of laughter though, as my mind desperately tries to make sense of said crossover. XDDD

My thought processes again~

'Eeeee! Today's the 29th! That means I can finally post the ramen fic tomorrow!

Oh! Oh! And then I can start posting all the [community profile] no_true_pair fics soon~! Yessss!


Wait. Wait. That means October is this weekend! The Board Meeting is this Sunday! D: D: Nooooo~

(But yey, posting fic! And aldsk noooo, I want to write one more fic! No plot though...)'

Aaaah, I got twenty pounds to buy fruit and snacks and stuff for the meeting! XDDD;;; So much! I was expecting, like, five. Still not panicking, but I think I used up all my panicking points the last time the meeting was coming around.

Haha... People keep telling me 'good luck!' when we talk about me doing the minutes for the meeting. XD;; I've been told that they have a...tendency to go off topic, but at least I don't have bring them back on the subject! :D

*is 'frantically' trying to upload the rest of Searching, but omg, it takes so long to put in the html and double-space everything again!*
Haaaa, started reading the writing books I got for my birthday~ I haven't stopped writing fic (yet) but, well, I didn't have any plotbunnies that desperately wanted to be written.

So. I'm now in the lovely cycle of 'Okay, I can't really know what character should be like until I know what the plot is, but I can't know what the plot is until I know what the character is like.' And then there's the additional 'CONFLICT CONFLICT CONFLICT' bit too.

NaNo ramblingsCollapse )

And since I'm already starting to plan this year's NaNo, I should really repost last year's NaNo, huh? XDD;; *gets to it*
Aaaaah, the new 1/2 Prince novel chapters are oooout~

aksdjf I got stuck with the [community profile] no_true_pair after writing one fic. :(( I'd written a bit of the 'Sun & Sun, "Life Being What It Is"' fic but then started to wonder how Sun actually learned the spell in the first place. If it was so easy to do, then everyone else would be using it, and since Sun doesn't study magic but learns it visually...he'd know exactly what the spell did. =/ Which, I guess, means that I'm going to have to throw out that idea. On the other hand, it means I can probably attempt to have Sun pranking everyone. XD But still, how did he learn it?

1/2 Prince V5C6, C7, ExtraCollapse )

Sep. 22nd, 2011

So, you know, finished all the fics I wanted to for [community profile] no_true_pair. Done thirteen so far. Got a couple days left of September, so I can start reading the writing books I got for my birthday early so I can start plotting my NaNo.

Or I can just make more lists for [community profile] no_true_pair. XDDDD;;;

Focusing on four characters in The Legend of Sun Knight and Noblesse and repeating them! \o/

The Legend of Sun Knight promptsCollapse )

Noblesse promptsCollapse )

Okay, damn do I love these duplicate prompts! ♥______♥

Huh. Now been up for twenty-one hours...


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