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Dark Ice Dragon
20 September
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Writing journal is esp_dragon.

I'm short. Hang around long enough and you'll hear stories about stuff that's happened because I'm short. But they'll be funny so have a laugh at my expence. ;) That's the reason why I put the story up.

I write fanfiction. At the moment, it's anything goes. I jump from fandom to fandom and er, sometimes I just don't look back. Which means I start one fic, write about two chapters and then go and fly off to another fandom. Blame the fact that I love doing crossovers so much so that adds to the bouncing along everywhere. I can also get very, very obsessive about a series and I mean obsessive.

Generally, about my writing (and drawing it seems), if I get an idea, it won't let go until I've at least started it. So, in writing that can lead to some problems since I end up being chased by another plotbunny while leaving one of my older plotbunnies in the desk for a while.
Wondering about what plotbunnies have attacked me? This is them.

My current obsession(s) are The Legend of Sun Knight, and Noblesse.

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